Branding Yourself

When branding you yourself, a company or a business, it is very important to gain positive attention and become recognizable.  Throughout my college career and classes in marketing and advertising/public relations, it has become engraved in my mind that brand perception is the image that people should have in their mind when they think of you. Having a solid brand image that supports who you are and who you want people to know you as is key to becoming more identifiable.  Another important aspect of branding is getting your name well known and in a positive light.  When googling yourself or your company, you want the results to reflect your brand and provide useful links where people can learn more about who you are.

If you are in need of amping up your personal brand and online presence, is a great way to get started!  Since this whole blog is based around The GVSU Formula Racing Team, I decided to put our brand to the test and see what kind of score we would get.


Gruebnau, M. (February 2, 2017). brandyourself score FSAE [JPG]. Retrieved from

After searching for GVSU Formula Racing through the BrandYourself website, I was very pleased to find that our results came back scored as an A, meaning that we had a good and positive online presence!  With that said, there is always room for improvement.  This led me to try and boost our brand even more by following some of the tips provided by  The three recommendations that I went through with were creating a BrandYourself Profile, submitted a personal website, and boosted the already existing links available on the web.  Overall, I think that BrandYourself can be very helpful in boosting your online presence and gives useful tips to better your brand.


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