Final Cut Pro

I think that videos are a great way to showcase any product, group or organization.  They allow you to show off who you are in a fun and entertaining way.  Personally, I have zero experience in video filming and/or editing.  So you can imagine that when I was told that I was in charge of creating and editing a short 1:15 minute clip of video, I was definitely a little intimidated!  With a lot of notes and guidance though I was able to come up with something that I hope others will like!

To kick off this video, I created a storyboard of all the different clips/scenes I wanted to include within the project.  I used the website in order to plan out how I wanted the video to flow.  This website was super easy to use, the only downside was that for free, you could only creat a 3 x 2 storyboard.  That meant that I had to condense a lot of my ideas.


Gruebnau, M. (February 24). Storyboard [screenshot]. Retrieved from

After creating this outline for the content of the video, it was time to bring it to life.  This meant it was time to shoot and edit the project to turn it into something real!  I chose to use all images within my video, but put them together with some fun transitions and text.  I wanted to showcase as many images as possible of the car to help give people a little taste of what Formula Racing is about.  Every image used was a photo either taken from either myself, or my advisor Dr. Baine.  To edit the images and text together I used the software Final Cut Pro.  Here is an example of what my timeline looked like:


Gruebnau, M. (February 24). Timeline [screenshot]. Retrieved from Final Cut Pro.

There was definitely a bit of a learning curve I had to overcome in order to put this video together.  With minimal to no experience at all, and then throw in some new video software I had never used, it was a little cahallenging at first to create this promotional piece.  That said, it did come together in the end and I hope you enjoy the video!


One thought on “Final Cut Pro

  1. Found your video to be very well produced. It was able to keep me watching and wanting to know more about formula racing. Now i actually might look into it because i feel as if it would be a good time, and relationships would be made.


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