Adobe Photoshop is a great way to enhance and alter photos that may not be up to your level of satisfaction.  With a wide variety of tools and features, you can virtually turn any photo into something completely new!  For example, you could take a simple grassy photo and turn it into a zoo scene with a few tweaks thanks to photoshop.

I think we’ve all had that one photo where you didn’t realize you were being photobombed by a giant airplane, or maybe there’s an extra person in your photo that you did not plan on being there. With the help of Adobe Photoshop, you can turn that faulty photo into perfection!

I was going through some old photos taken at our last competition this past year in Lincoln, NE, and saw a really great photo of both our car and another teams car lined up next to each other.  The problem with the photo was that one of the judges was standing right between the two cars.  I thought it took away from the otherwise great shot, so I decided to remove the judge out of the photo.

To do this, I first used the selection and eraser tools. After cutting him out, I then used the cloning stamp to fill in the white space left behind after removing his image.  I thought the photo looked pretty good at this point, but then just for fun, I added a magenta filter. As someone who is very new to photoshop, I thought it was a lot of fun to play around and test out the different tools available!

Original Photo:


After Photoshop:




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