The Key to Searching for Formula 1 Racing

Search Engine Optimization is important to any business or group that wants to be able to maximize the number of words that will pull their site up as a result for people navigating search engines.

Google Ads Keywords Planner is a great tool to utilize in order to figure out what the best keywords you should be using on your website are.  You type in a keyword that you think is good, and then google brings up more terms that are similar and could possibly generate more hits for your site.  This tool also tells you on average how many times each word is searched globally per month, so you can strategically place all of these words throughout your website.

This is an example of what one search looks like.

Google Key Words Gruebnau, M. (March 16, 2017). Google Ads Keyterms Planner [JPEG].  Retrieved from

As an example, the first five are the key terms that I came up with, and the last five are the terms Google came up with. In parentheses I have included the average monthly searches for each term.

  1. formula racing (10k – 100k)
  2. GV Racing (100 – 1k)
  3. formula one car (1k – 10k)
  4. formula team (100 – 1k)
  5. “formula racing team (10 – 100)
  6. formula 1 (1M – 10M)
  7. formula (100k – 1M)
  8. formula one (10k – 100k)
  9. formula 1 2016 (100k – 1M)
  10. formula 1 racing (10k – 100k)

To properly utlize all of these key words that Google and myself came up with, it is important to be able to incorporate them into your everyday writing language.  You want to be able to work these words into your published work so that it helps bring up your site when people are searching for these terms.  The following are sentences that I came up with as examples of how to integrate the key words into your everyday writing.

Though the term GV Racing is usually associated with the running club here at Grand Valley, we sometimes like to shorten our formula team’s full name, GVSU Formula Racing, for simplicities sake.

Formula racing is a great way to network and meet other students and professionals within the business, at each competition there are large amounts of other formula racing teams there that you get to interact and connect with.

For example, at formula 1 2016, there were over 70 other teams and employers that we as a team got to communicate and work with.

A Formula one car can be raced at a variety of events involving formula 1 competition.  You can also drive your formula car on the road if it fulfills all of the street legal requirements.

Formula 1 racing is widely know around the whole world.  There are students and professionals who compete in formula competitions all over the United States and the globe.





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