Creating a Business Card

Every professional should have a unique business card that is on them at all times.  You never know who you could run into and should always be prepared to network.  A great business card is eye-catching yet informational; it should state your name, profession, and how you can be reached.  This small piece of paper can be the connecting link between you and a potential employer.  I know, a lot of pressure.  That said, it can be a daunting task to have to create your own business card from scratch.  No website to pre-make it for you, just you and your creative ideas.  I’m here to let you in on a little secret, it is not as bad as you think.  Adobe InDesign is an awesome design software that is easy enough for beginners to understand.  Just what I needed when I decided to embark on my own business card making journey.

When creating a business card in InDesign, the first thing I did was go to file, create new.  This allowed me to begin a new project.  I then set the format to custom and created the height and width of my business card.  Once I had created the outline, I could then begin on the actual design elements.  It is important to note that everything you want to add to your project works through layers.  For each new aspect of your card, you should create a new layer.  This includes having one layer for your name, your phone number, etc.  I ended up having around 7 or 8 layers total.  This is key as it helps keep everything separate and easy to maneuver around.  The following photo shows you what it looks like to have all the different layers.

InDesign Screenshot

Gruebnau, M. (April 6, 2017). InDesign Screenshot [JPEG]. Retrieved from Adobe InDesign.

For the actual design of my card, I decided to keep it pretty simple.  I wanted to make it easy to read, yet pleasing to the eye.  I went with a faded blue color as the theme of my card, and built the rest of my information around that.  I wanted to put all of my contact information on the same side as my name and job title to make it cohesive.  On the back, I decided to use my initials to keep with the clean and simple look.

This was the final product front and back.

Business Card Final  Business Card Final2

Overall, I thought this was a great learning experience and I had fun playing around with InDesign and the different features it offered.  If you yourself are in the market for a new business card, I highly recommend trying out your luck with InDesign before going to other online websites.



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