Google Analytics

As the Head of Business Operations and Management for the GVSU Formula Racing Team, it is very important to me to make sure that our website is one of the top results when people search for GV FSAE.  I want people to easily find, navigate our website, and want to come back to find out more information.  I always thought it would be useful if there was a way I could track the number of users who have accessed our website, as well as other information such as who stayed on the website or left before looking around.  Luckily, I was recently introduced to Google Analytics which has allowed to me to do all of these things.

Google Analytics is a great way to record various information on your users, such as who accesses your website.  This is done by tracking your website with a Javascript tracking code.  By inserting this into the code of your website, you can start gaining data on your users to be able to better serve them.  Using Google Analytics is a great way to start learning about the users who are coming to your website and how you can better advertise to get more people to come to your page.

To gain a better understanding of Google Analytics, I decided to become certified in Google Analytics.  To become certified, you must go through all their training videos and assessments to learn all about the program.  It consists of four parts that take a total of around 3 hours to completely get through and understand.  After each section you must take and pass the assessment.  At the end of the fourth assessment, if you have gotten an 80% or higher, you receive your certification.

This is what the certification looks like.

Google Analytics Certifcate Gruebnau, M. (April 24, 2017). Google Analytic Certification [PNG].

Since becoming certified, I now know how to connect the teams website and start tracking user information.  This will help us to gain insight into the types of users who are coming to our website.  After analyzing this information, we can make strategic changes that will help enlarge the audience we reach.


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