About Me and The Team


My name is Meghan Gruebnau and I am a junior at Grand Valley State University majoring in Advertising and Public Relations.  Besides my school work, I am very invloved in two clubs that fill up the rest of my free time; GVSU Table Tennis Club and the GVSU Formula Racing Team.  As you may have already figured out, this blog is dedicated to the latter of the two groups.

As the Business & Operations Manager of the GVSU Formula Racing Team, I deal with a lot of the day to day business tasks that need to be taken care of.  This includes PR and Advertising for the team, talking with sponsors and the periodical paperwork that needs to be completed.

This blog is about more than just me though.  This blog is to be informative about the GVSU Formula Team, and to provide the means to connect and communicate with others!

Be sure to check out our Facebook and Instagram pages to keep up with everything going on with the team!



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